Civil Aviation

The Department of Civil Aviation is accountable to the Minister responsible for Civil Aviation through the Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary for Civil Aviation in the provision of sound advise that ensure the effective and efficient regulation, technical and economic of air transport within Fiji’s 6.5 million square kilometers of Flight Information Region (FIR).

The Department of Civil Aviation is the Government’s focal point to international civil aviation bodies with the likes of the Montreal based “ICAO General Assembly”, the link to both the ICAO Montreal based HQ as well as its Bangkok based “Asia and Pacific Regional Office”, read more

Vision and Mission


A safe, affordable & viable Aviation Industry that meets International Standards.


Develop, facilitate and maintain a safe, secure, efficient and cost effective air transport system for the traveling public, goods and services so as to increase trade, tourist arrivals and foreign exchange earnings, through formulation of appropriate policies and legislation of both domestic and international aviation sectors, as well as monitor and promote the development of aviation infrastructure and security to meet capacity demand.